Mrs Athlete’s Musings is about grief, loss, love and life, and the lessons learned and wisdom gained through those experiences.

I’m Pritam Potts, strength coach, writer, widow and happily remarried wife to Epic Eric. After my beloved husband died of cancer in 2014, I thought for sure that I would die too from the heartbreak. But during my own journey through grief, and in the process of writing my column Fitness Corner, I found my voice.

What’s in a name?

For many years, I co-owned a training facility and strength and conditioning business, Advanced Athlete, with my late husband Coach Dan Potts. The name of this newsletter reflects my experience as a widow and wife as “Mrs” as well as my Advanced “Athlete” life, plus my own lifelong commitment to health and fitness, growth and resiliency.

I also explore the many aspects of strength through my Advanced Athlete newsletter.

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“I love how you write—you take us into your story and then make it universal so we an see ourselves in it too.  I appreciate your skill and your thoughtfulness.”—Carol

“I enjoy everything you write. You inspire me and it’s always so thought provoking. You have a great gift to communicate what most of us know but are unable to express”—Debi

“Your writings are so eloquent and expressive, Pritam. Brings me to tears.”—Cathy

“Beautiful and so insightful. I love reading your posts!!! You are a bright light in my life.”—Deb

Thank you for sharing something so personal and meaningful!! Pri, you write beautifully!!—Bonnie

“You are an extraordinary writer. I love your posts. They always bring out the deepest emotion in me (and I'm sure they do the same for others).”—Jacquie

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Finding wisdom, resiliency and meaning in grief, loss, love and life.


Pri Potts

Strength coach, fitness columnist, writer, and happily remarried widow, grateful for life's second chances and so much more.