Time does not "heal all wounds" but it is the passage of time that allows us to heal

November 2022

You mean everybody doesn’t save every single letter and card they’ve ever received?

October 2022

You never know when, in search of good coffee, you might get far more than you hoped for . . .

September 2022

I’ve been gone for a while. Made some changes in my style. And they say you can’t go home anymore. —Billy Joel
When worry takes over, step back and care for yourself

August 2022

We don't give cards because our life together is like a card
My Fitness Corner column, perfectionism begone, mundane miracles, Happy Place, and I appreciate YOU!
Cancer took the life of my husband. Not only did I survive that devastating loss, I am truly grateful for the gifts that have come from my grief…
Complaining makes me feel human. But some experiences ensure I will never complain about certain things again.

July 2022

WhatchaGottaDo when you're invited to discuss your journey through grief and loss on a podcast . . . you say yes!
My Fitness Corner column, health is everything, Skeeter enthusiasm, and when oversized Adirondack chairs bring joy and spontaneity
The only casualty in my battle with the backyard mosquitoes was me.